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VR interactive experience

The film takes the experimenter to know the trajectory of three favela residents, revealing community life, their relationships of affection and the challenges they face daily to overcome violence and prejudice.⁣

Directed by: João Inada
Writing: Thamyra Thâmara, Andressa Núbia, Jon Thomaz, Raull Santiago, Raphael Cruz, João Inada
Produced by: Diogo Dahl
Executive Production: Luiz Borges, Renata Almeida Magalhães, Carlos Diegues, Donato Rotunno, Tieres Tavares
Creative Production: Thamyra Thâmara, Raull Santiago
Production Management: Maria Fernanda Miguel
Production Coordination: Duda Bouhid
Cinematography: Flávio Mayerhofer
Sound capturing: Caio César Loures
Technical consultancy: John Fitzgerald, Matthew Niederhauser
A Production: Coqueirão Pictures
In Co-production with: Sete Léguas Filmes,  Luz Mágica Produções, Tarantula Luxembourg, Quanta
Associated Production: Gato Mídia, Coletivo Papo Reto
With the support of: Ford Foundation, Luxembourg Film Fund, Open Society Foundations


IDFA - Competition for Digital Storytelling 2020 (World Premiere)
SXSW - Virtual Cinema SpotLight 2021 (Official Selection)

Luxembourg City Film festival - VR Pavilion 2021 (Official Selection)

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